Eating Edamame

Edamame is a Japanese edible soybean. My father is, as revealed before, an organic farmer, and his edamame are to die for. Really. They are so addicting that a whole bowl of them can be devoured in a few minutes of time. Anyway, I am eating these edamame right now as I ferociously type out this post.

I am leaving in about four months! Today is April 24th, and I’m leaving on August 17th-so that means I have LESS THAN four months!! It’s all very exciting and nerve-racking, to think that. Right now I have only about four weeks left of high school, which I’m also very excited about! But I’m stressing about many things, including the fact that I have to take the ACT, PSAE, and the SAT all in a week’s time-and that it is next week. Actually, I should be studying for these tests right now instead of writing this post, but let’s just say I’m taking a break. 🙂 I hope that I do okay on these tests, but frankly I’m pretty burned out. I already took the ACT once, and believe me, that was enough for me! I’m hoping a miracle will occur and I will be able to do spectacularly on all three tests next week. But the good news is that if I get through this week, I will be done with standarized tests forever!!! ….if I do good enough, that is.

I also am stressing because I am an idiot and I scheduled a SAT test on the same day as my Prom. I will be going prom dress shopping with my best friend Rhea tomorrow, and hopefully we will find a relatively inexpensive, but still beautiful dress.

One of the other stressful things about my life right now is that I need to figure out a way to make enough money to spend in Japan next year. I need to pay for my uniform, transportation costs, and other expendable materials. I plan to make as much money as I possibly can this summer, working more than fifty hours on my father’s farm. But I also want to work in Japan as an English tutor or something so that I can support myself. The problem is, my school might not let me.

I am also stressed because I do not know what host family will be hosting me yet. My program is very strict, and tries to find the best possible host family for me, so it is taking them a considerable amount of time. I may not know for sure what area of Japan I will be placed in until-at the latest- two weeks before departure. That makes me nervous, but I am glad my host family is being thoroughly screened.

So, that is how I honestly feel right now…maybe I will practice my SAT a little more now. 😛

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